Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when I get to Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center?

You will have an Initial Assessment with a Licensed Nurse, and you will be welcomed by the care team. Your belongings will be inventoried to ensure safety, and a picture will be taken to assist with the proper identification.

How long will I stay?

The length of stay is determined on the individual’s progress within the center based on the treatment and discharge plans. A patient’s stay will be determined through consultation with the interdisciplinary team, under the direction of the attending Psychiatrist.

Will my health insurance cover my stay?

Olive Vista contracts with multiple providers from Los Angeles County. Our business office staff will work with various resources to ensure your stay is getting paid.

What is the discharge process at Olive Vista?

Discharge planning begins on the day of admission and is coordinated with your interdisciplinary team and liaisons from providers. The team will develop comprehensive care plans as needed to ensure you are discharged to the places where your needs are met.

What are the business hours?

Business Office Hours Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm.

When can I visit my loved ones?

Visiting your loved ones is strongly encouraged and supporting your loved ones by visiting them makes a big difference in their healing process. Daily visiting hours are arranged. The recommended visiting hours are:

Monday – Friday: 4:00 to 5:00 pm
Weekend and Holidays: 10:00 to 11:45 am

Can I bring children or minors to visit my loved ones?

Olive Vista does not allow children or minors to visit the facility due to the specialty of residents’ population, this is also to protect your children and young minors. Visitors must be 16 years old and over and must show identification.

If I want to visit my loved ones, do I need to have a negative COVID-19 test before coming?

Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center follows the guidelines from CDC, CDPH, and LA county health department, covid testing is not required to enter the facility. However, the facility conducts screening for visitors, including temperature check and signs and symptoms screening. We encourage you to stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or illness. Masks are strongly encouraged during visits.

What can I bring to my loved ones?

You are welcome to bring them personal items, well-sealed food (no foil paper), no homemade food, it is limited to one meal only. Please call facility (909) 628-6024 to verify if you have questions.

Can I bring money to my loved ones?

Yes, you can. Staff will assist you with the process.

I saw the facility provides mental health services; can I bring my loved ones to there since it might be beneficial for them?

The facility currently only takes clients from contracted providers. Please explore the external resources for additional assistance.

I am encountering some mental health issues, and would like to seek therapist services, can I go to the facility and get some services?

The facility does not provide services to individuals not residing in the center. The therapists and mental health specialists are assigned to provide services to the residents admitted to the center.